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Slurry Pump Manufacturers in Chennai

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Looking for best dealers of Slurry Pump Manufacturers in Chennai? Krishnaja Engineering manufactures the best range of Slurry Pumps in chennai, in different sizes and potentials, based on needs of their usage. Slurries are classified into four types based on its range of aggresiveness from class 1, being least aggressive to class 4, being most aggressive. We are producing different kinds of slurry pumps ranging from low pressure pumps, medium pressure pumps to high pressure pumps, based on the types of slurries needed to be pumped. Our pumps come with different voltage variations as well, ranging from 220v, 380v, 440v, depending on its usage. Our slurry pumps come with efficient motor powers, ranging as, 0-3Hp, 3-6Hp, 6-9Hp, of different automation from, Manual, Semi Automatic to Fully Automatic..

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Slurry Pump Manufacturers in Chennai