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High Pressure Washer Manufacturers in Chennai

Pressure Washer Manufacturers in Chennai

Looking for top High Pressure Washer Dealers in Chennai? Krishnaja Engineering, the best High Pressure Washer manufacturers in Chennai. Pressure washers are widely used in homes and industries for various washing needs. Cleaning a Driveway, Cleaning the Exterior Walls of Your House, Cleaning Sidewalks Brick Patios and Walkways, Clean Your Garage Floor, Cleaning a Garage Door, Clean Your Deck. Stripping Paint Using a Pressure Washer are some of the usage of pressure.

Krishnaja Engineering, the best Pressure Washer manufacturers in Chennai, is manufacturing high standard pressure washers with the flow rate of 10 Ipm.Our pressure washer uses a minimum voltage of 220v and it can provide maximum pressure of 80 bar with the power of 1600w.

With our expert professionals, we are manufacturing high-standard Pressure Washer with the best price in the market. Our experts are engaged in the process of making Pressure washers of different sizes and capacities based on customer needs and requirements. Looking for a good Pressure washer for home and industrial uses? Do contact us.

High Pressure Washer Manufacturers in Chennai

Jet Washer

Jet washers are widely used for high force wash. Having that in mind, our team of experts have designed our jet washers with a Hose length of 5m and water flow rate of 210 L/h. We are making our Jet washer with Motor power of 1400 w and our Jet washers are portable and user friendly. To my affordable Jet washers with better quality, do contact Krishnaja Engineering, the best Jet Washer manufacturers in chennai.