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Filter Cartridge Manufacturers in Chennai

Filter Cartridge Dealers in Chennai

We, Krishnaja Engineering are the leading dealers and suppliers of Filter Cartridge Manufacturers in Chennai. Filter cartridges play the most significant role in the Water Treatment Plant. They remove unwanted dust and dirt from the water to be treated.

As we know the importance of filter cartridges, We, Krishnaja Engineering are manufacturing the best filter cartridges in chennai, that will be helpful for,Drinking water treatment, Food and Beverage treatment, Industrial water treatment,Chemicals solvents and Platings.

Cartridge varieties:

  • Sediment filter cartridge
  • Activated carbon filter cartridge
  • Iron Filters
  • UV Filters

are the types of Filter cartridges we are providing.

With our top quality filter cartridges, we assure you of a healthy lifestyle with safe and clean water, which is dirt free.and secure.

Expecting the best filter cartridge, with high filtration rate, easy maintenance and cost efficient?

Krishnaja Engineering, the best filtration cartridge manufacturers in chennai, is the best point to approach.

Filter Cartridge Manufacturers in Chennai

Wound Polypropylene Cartridges

Wound Polypropylene Cartridges are widely used for liquid filtration in industries such as food and beverages, medical industry, water treatment and mining. Wound Polypropylene Cartridges are of different types. Some of them are Pleated Filter Cartridges and Cellulose Filter Cartridges. Krishnaja Engineering, the leading Wound Polypropylene Cartridges manufacturers in Chennai, is providing you with different varieties of Wound Polypropylene Cartridges at affordable cost in the market. Our products are economical and user friendly. Our products are highly durable and come with the best maintenance assurance. Looking for Best Wound Polypropylene Cartridges in Chennai? We are here to supply you.

Filter Cartridge Manufacturers in Chennai

Spun Filter Cartridge

Want to buy high quality Spun Filter Cartridge, made up of supreme standard polypropylene at best cost in the market ? Krishnaja Engineering, the leading Spun Filter Cartridge manufacturers in Chennai is the right spot for you to buy at.

Filter Cartridge Dealers in Chennai

PP Cartridge Filter Housings

Krishnaja Engineering, the leading PP Cartridge Filter Housing manufacturers in Chennai, is providing the PP Cartridge Filter Housings which are having filtration rate of 200 micron. Mostly PP Cartridges Filters are used in waste-water treatment plants and continuous process industries. Taking this in mind, we are designing and manufacturing high quality, long lasting PP Cartridge Filters, those are highly economical in the industry. Why wait? Reach Krishnaja Engineering, the leading PP Cartridge Filter Housing manufacturers in Chennai for your orders.

Filter Cartridges Chemical Manufacturers in Chennai

Carbon Cartridges

Carbon Cartridges are used for removing sediments, odors , taste and organic chemicals like chlorine from water. We at Krishnaja Engineering, are making high standard Carbon Cartridges with supreme quality materials by inculcating them with enhanced adsorptive capacity. Our products are long lasting and come with affordable prices in the industry. Looking for the best Carbon Cartridges in Chennai? Krishnaja Engineering, the leading Carbon Cartridges manufacturers in Chennai, is the best spot for you.